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We aim to provide a suite of products, procedures and resources to build, manage and use large, medium or small scale application Grids targeted at .NET 2.x, 3.x and 4.x on 32 and 64 bit platforms.

The use of the .NET Framework enables straightforward, quick and effective provisioning of software applications to large numbers of computers. It is our aim to take advantage of .NET to provide solutions for building and running business critical systems which require continuity of service in the face of challenging circumstances and requirements.

SmartGrid.NET fully utilizes and enables the use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles.


This repository has been set up with Subversion in mind; specifically the use of svn:externals and the standard trunk, tags and branches layout. The way it is structured may a or may not work with other source control providers.

Using will obtain the whole archive which will constitute a significant download. Instead the following links may be more useful when used from TortoiseSVN/Visual SVN et al :

  • Service Broker


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